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When Should I Replace My Car Battery?

One of your vehicle's most crucial components is the battery. It lets you start your car's engine and powers all the electrical features like the radio, GPS, lighting, and climate control. A vehicle's battery should ideally last four years before having to be replaced. However, various factors might lead to the battery's premature expiry, necessitating an earlier replacement. Here are a few warning signs of a weak battery that you should be aware of:

Slow-starting engine

The internal components of your battery will degrade and lose effectiveness over time. When this occurs, the battery takes longer to charge the starter, and you will have to wait a few seconds longer for the engine to turn over. A delayed start is often the final gasp of a battery before it dies.

Dim lights and electrical issues

All the electronics in your car, including the lights, radio, and dashboard computer, are powered by the battery. These devices won't operate as efficiently if the battery is discharged. Your battery will discharge more quickly the more devices you connect to your vehicle while driving, such as your phone charger.

Dashboard light on

The battery warning light may turn on, or the check engine light may illuminate when your battery runs low on power and may also signal various things in most cars. Check your owner's handbook and have a technician check your battery to ensure it's operating at its maximum potential.

Unpleasant odor

If you open the hood and smell rotten eggs, a leaking battery might be the cause. Battery damage or an internal fault might cause the battery to emit gas.

Corroded battery terminals

If you see white material accumulating on the cable connections of your vehicle's battery, it indicates that the terminals are corroded. These white particles may prevent the passage of electric currents flowing through the terminals, thus impacting the electrical supply to your automobile's electronic components. Removing the white particles is only a short-term fix; more significant problems may be lying underneath.

Even with the information, it may still be difficult to tell when your vehicle's battery needs to be changed. As part of your service and maintenance, a professional may examine your vehicle's battery and tell you more precisely when it needs to be changed. If you need a car battery replacement, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Broadway Auto Repair today!

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