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Help! Why Is My Car Shaking When Braking

Have you ever been driving down the road, windows rolled down, music turned up, not a care in the world, then just as you start breaking the steering wheel suddenly starts to shake? This is known as brake shudder and there are a number of things that cause it.. Here's what you need to know.

Vibrations in the steering column can happen for a number of reasons, but if the shaking is only happening while the brakes are being applied, it suggests a rotor problem. Learn the most common causes of brake shudder and what you should do about them.

Warped Brake Rotors

Over time brake rotors can develop irregularities in the thickness or distortions that cause it to wobble side to side as it rotates, also known as excessive runout. Both issues can cause a vibration in the brake pedal which is felt in the steering wheel. Have your rotors checked before any further damage is done.

Loose Wheel Bearings

Loose wheel bearings can lead to excessive lateral runout which could cause a shaking feeling in the starting wheel while braking.

Worn Suspension Components

Worn suspension components are a common cause for shaking while braking.

Worn Brake Pads

If brake pads are not fit squarely against the rotor it can result in worn brake pads. This in turn can potentially cause the shaking of the steering wheel when the brakes are applied.

Sticky Calipers

The shaking could also be caused by sticky calipers. Sticky calipers are a result of the calipers not pressing and releasing properly causing a shaking feeling in the steering wheel. Have your vehicle serviced at Broadway Auto Repair today.

While these are some of the more. common causes of brake shudder, this is not a complete list of causes. If you are experiencing shaking while braking, we suggest getting your car serviced as soon as possible. This prevents minor problems from getting worse, and bigger problems that are found early tend to cause less overall damage. Keep your car running at its best by taking care of the issues that arise quickly. Drive safe. Feel free to call or visit the brake experts at Broadway Auto Repair today!

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