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What is the Difference between Shocks and Struts?

What is the Difference between Shocks and Struts?

Often, people refer to struts and shocks interchangeably. However, they are two distinct parts serving different functions. While both struts and shocks aid your ride and handling, these parts work differently. Shocks are part of the individual components of your suspension system. On the other hand, struts are a major structural component of the suspension system and chassis. What Do Shocks Do Conventional shocks do not support the weight of the car. Instead, they control the spring and suspension movement. They do this by converting the kinetic energy of the suspension movement into heat energy dispersed through the hydraulic fluid. The resistance in a shock absorber depends on the speed of the suspension. And the size and number of the tiny holes in the piston. All shock absorbers are velocity-sensitive. As the vehicle's suspension moves faster, the shock absorbers provide more resistance. This feature allows shock absorbers to adjust to varying terrain and road conditions t ... read more

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